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Legal Rights &


WCWI's Legal Rights and Responsibilities Committee, publishes the handbook, The Legal Rights of Women in Wyoming, and provides online updates, highlighting significant changes in state and federal laws affecting women's rights in Wyoming, explaining basic legal concepts in simple terms, and identifying key legal rights and responsibilities. The committee also partners with Wyoming's Governor and the Wyoming Women's Foundation to arrange annual Equal Pay Day Proclamations, helps sponsor the annual Women's Legislative Caucus Leap Into Leadership event and encourages women to exercise their voting rights.

The Legal Rights of Women in Wyoming (2011-2016 update)

Updates to the legal handbook for women, which contains information about legal topics relevant to women, children and families in Wyoming.

Self Sufficiency Calculator (2016)
In 2015, Wyoming Women's Foundation with assistance from WCWI launched a new granting initiative. The study examines women’s abilities to support their families and themselves. It also creates awareness about ways to better support economic self-sufficiency for Wyoming women and their families.

Legal Handbook for Women (2008, second edition)

A handbook for women, which contains information about legal topics relevant to women, children and families in Wyoming. The topics include Wills, Adoption, Education, Consumer Protection and Fair Credit, Domestic Relations, Government Benefits, Housing and Property Rights, Insurance, Name Changes, Public Accommodations, Reproductive Rights, and Violence Against Women and Children.
Handbook materials and updates are completed by Dona Playton, lecturer for the University of Wyoming College of Law, director for the Domestic Violence Legal Assistance Program, and supervising attorney for the Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, in association with the Coalition.

Wyoming Women's Issues Survey (2012)

In June of 2012, the Wyoming Business Council contracted the Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center (WYSAC) at the University of Wyoming to conduct the third iteration of a telephone survey of women in Wyoming. The Survey Research Center (SRC) of WYSAC conducted the first survey in 2004, and the second survey in 2009. The surveys are designed to collect information on issues that are of importance and may be of concern to women in Wyoming.

Having completed three iterations of the survey, we now are able to test for significant and meaningful trends in the issues that affect women. In the 2012 survey, a total of 832 telephone interviews were completed with women in Wyoming.

Wage Disparity and Other Women's Issues in Wyoming 
Report presented at For the Women of the Mountains International Conference in Orem, Utah. 

Wage Disparity Study (2003)

In the 2002 Legislative Session, WCWI was directed to head a steering committee for a wage disparity study to be conducted by the University of Wyoming. The Legislature required a report to be presented to the Joint Minerals, Business and Economic Development Interim Committee on or before May 1, 2003. The study focuses on where wage disparities exist, the major causes of the wage disparities, the impact of wage disparities on Wyoming's economy, possible solutions to reduce or eliminate wage disparities, and the benefits of eliminating or reducing wage disparities.

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